Stress as a factor by sharkaccidents.

Sharks are a very interesting animals but why do we fear them and how do sharks react to our fear? That is the topic I've chosen as a Matur Paper. If you want to know more about the Matur then klick Learn more if you are only here to fill out the survey then scroll down or click on the survey in the navbar

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Abitur Paper

In Switzerland we do have something similar to the Abitur that they have in Germany it's called Matur. The Abitur or Matur is an exam which allows us to study at universities after we passed it. A part of this exam is to write a paper.

Do we know Shark?

Please fill out the Survey truethfully. This survey is to determin what we know or only think we know about Sharks in comparison to Pigeons. I thank you for participating and be sure to check out the other Survey bellow.

Survey about our fear of Sharks

Please fill out the questions truethfully. If you feel that one question is too personal then feel free to choose the option skip if its provided in the question. I thank you for participating.


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